15 June 2006

Next Meeting at RCA

Next Meeting of the Type Museum Society
will be held at 18:30 on 21.06.2006 at
The Performing Arts Lab
Stevens Building
Royal College of Art
Kensington Gore
London SW7 2EU

Please attend this meeting if you possibly can - we would like to set objectives & discuss methods for the campaign to save the Type Museum and report the latest developments following the actual closure of the Museum and further loss of staff. Any contact we have been able to make with the Trustees will be reported.

Thanks to Ian Gabb, for making this possible, and who is also willing
to show people around their Letterpress workshop (right next to
thePerforming Arts Lab) should attendees be interested.

The workshop is in the Stevens Building on Jay Mews, which is
immediately adjacent to the main building on Kensington Gore.


At 3:52 am, Blogger La NiƱa Graphics said...

this is not working anymore?
what happened finally?

At 9:50 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is the current status of the type museum?


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